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Kirsty Gibbs
business coach

She creates pages for my website, landing pages, email sequences, social media images, and so much more! 

I would honestly be lost without her. Nothing is ever too hard or a hassle. 

Christine’s ability to learn new things, solve problems, and do basically anything asked of her, makes her an absolute asset to any team. She is my business angel!!! 

“Christine is my right-hand woman!”

Sofia Onte
Founder, The Copynated Academy

No matter how many people tell you that launching can be easy, there's no way it wouldn't be stress-free.

Christine, however, made it bearable for me. From course set-up to payment page creation to onboarding my mentees, everything felt seamless and smooth.

“She works. She cares. She listens.”

Katarina Hadden

As my business changed and evolved, Christine was there to support it and was ready to expand her role and learn new things on the go without skipping a beat in the quality of work. I am blessed to have her be a valued member of my team.

“I've been working with Christine for over three years now and can say that she is exceptionally gifted, hard-working, and easily trained.”

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